• Tool Length - 44" 
  • Tool Weight - 2 lbs
  • Handle - Renewable Bamboo
  • Metal Head - Powder Coated Steel 
  • Free Shipping                                            


Grampa’s Weeder is by far the most effective, effortless weed remover ever.  With its simple lever design and durable construction, this tried and true tool is ingeniously designed and made to last forever.  Gardeners are especially fond of Grampa’s Weeder because it allows them to weed without bending, pulling, or kneeling!  People with children and pets, and those who just love the earth enjoy weeding their yards without the use of harmful chemicals.

The statement "They don't make things like they used to" is what Grampa's Weeder is all about. We strive to make our tools last a lifetime, and if they don't, we'll replace them for free...FOREVER!


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