“Everything old is new again, and this ingenious, 100+ year-old tool proves it to us every day”

 Grampa's Weeder From 1913Grampa's Weeder. The Original Stand Up Weed Puller. Remove Lawn & Garden Weeds. Uproot Weed Remover. Dandelion Puller. 4 claw Deluxe Weed Remover. No bend weeder. Long handled weeding tool.

Grampa's Weeder has been pulling out weeds and their roots for over a hundred years! This ingeniously designed tool was invented in 1913 in Seattle, Washington and people living in the Great Northwest quickly made it the MUST-HAVE garden tool for getting rid of weeds quickly and easily. Production of the tool stopped in 1941 so that all available metal could be put towards the war effort and unfortunately, once the war ended, manufacturing of this wonderful tool never resumed.

This all changed in 1999 when my husband Greg found my mother's strange looking garden tool in her garage. Once he figured out what it was and how it worked he was hooked! The next thing we knew, Grampa's Gardenware Co. was born and we were hand making this turn-of-the-century tool in that very same garage. Our family was thrilled to start re-introducing "Grampa" to gardeners everywhere! 

As a small family business, we've come a long way in 25 years.  We no longer hand make the tools in our Oregon garage (Thank Goodness!) and we proudly stand behind the millions of tools we’ve sold to people all over the worldOn Amazon, TikTok, QVC, and in local hardware stores, plus hundreds of other retailers and catalogs in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. It's amazing that this century-old tool, a simple lever, remains one of the most effective weed removers on the market. Not only does it still save people's knees and backs, it also protects the environment. What worked well in 1913 still works today. I guess it's true, "Everything Old Is New Again" and this ingenious 111-year-old tool proves it to us every day!


Happy Weeding!

Greg, Cathy & Brandon

Grampa's Weeder Grampa's Weeder